We are on the right track by being Georgetown’s #1 Butcher and Deli six years in a row; however we are always looking to raise the bar.

For over 70 years the Commisso family businesses have been providing excellent products and service to their customers. Starting in the small town of Terrace Bay, Ontario in 1942, Giuseppe Commisso or “Papa Joe”, opened a small grocery store to feed the town of 2300. By using honest business practices and buying quality products, “Papa Joe” was able to create a business that still stands strong today.

There was one member of the Commisso family that always wanted to spread his father’s business tradition. Pat Commisso moved to Southern Ontario in 2003. In 2004, he opened a butcher shop in Georgetown, Ontario, equipped with the passion and skills his father had taught him years ago. Today, Pat’s Prime Cuts & Deli stands tall as one of the most successful businesses in the Halton Region. With a strong foundation in place, Patrick strives to build a business that continues to make his father and the family proud.

Our goal is to separate ourselves from our competitors by providing our customers with more than just a service. As a team, our staff provides customers with a unique experience as soon as they walk through our front door. We ensure a pleasurable shopping experience, created initially by the friendly atmosphere and continued with professional, yet sociable service. Pat is always available to answer any product related questions or to provide cooking advice that will make customers seem like professional chefs at home. Our customer service approach is unsurpassed and valued by all, resulting in high satisfaction.

The most important quality to us, also the quality that will make you return, is the constant innovation. Pat creates new marinades, sauces and recipes on a daily basis. This results in having new products available every visit along with the countless choices always readily available. All products are fresh and homemade allowing us to create custom recipes to allow customers with allergies stay safe. The best meat makes the best meals and here at Pat’s Prime Cuts & Deli, we only serve the best!

  • Papa Joe


    Pat offers a variety of fresh, frozen and jared products! With new products arriving every day be sure to stop in for daily delights! Special dietary requests? Just ask Pat!

    • FRESH
      Ontario Veal
      Ontario Prok
      Ontario Lamb
      Sourced Best Fish
      Homemade Sausages
      Homemade Deli Meats
      Alberta AAA Grass Fed Beef
      Ontario Free Ranged Mennonite Poultry
    • DELI
      Cold Salads
      Variety of Deli Meats
      Best Sourced Cheese
      Homemade Products
      All products are made with NO nitrates
      Finest Produce
      Fresh Bakery Bread
      Homemade Preserves
      NO Chemicals Added
      We support local businesses!

    Freezer packs are made and sold fresh, take home to freeze. Please Order any freezer pack two days in advance and pick up fresh from the store location. *Prices are subject to change see Pat at the store for details. Orders can be sent to patsprimecuts@outlook.com

      5lbs Stewing Beef
      10lbs Top Serloin Steak
      10lbs Ground Beef
      10lbs Center Cut Pork Chops
      10lbs Outside Round Roast
      10-12lbs / 3 Whole Frying Chickens
      10lbs Boneless / Skinless Chicken Breast
      Approx. Weight 65lbs
      5lbs Pork or Beef Weiners
      10lbs Pork Back Ribs
      10lbs Rosemary Pork Chops
      10lbs Ribeye or Striploin Steak
      10lbs Pats 100% Beef Burgers
      10lbs Assorted Pat's Handmade Sausages
      Approx. Weight 65lbs
      10lbs Ribeye or Striploin Steak
      10lbs Pat's 100% Beef Burgers
      10lbs Assorted Pat's Handmade Sausages
      10lbs Whole Chicken Wings
      Approx. Weight 40lbs

    Have an event? Pat can help! Come into Pat’s and customize your meal menu for your big event.

    At Pat’s Prime Cuts and Deli, we are committed to serving you and your guest’s quality, hot and ready-to-serve meals. Whatever the occasion, simply contact us and together we will come up a meal to suit your needs. Our menu ranges in the following:

    Salads, Platters, Sandwiches, Sides, Mains, Pastas, and More!

    Here at Pat’s, we are famous for our roast beef and roasted potato dinners and specialize in Italian cuisine. If you have an idea of what you would like to serve, simply ask and we will let you know what we can do. Preparation done at the shop, pick-up or have it delivered to your venue.

    See Pat in store for more details or request information by emailing patsprimecuts@outlook.com

    My best is the least I can do, my reputation is at steak!

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    Questions? Just ask!

    If you have any questions or concerns please ask! Email for catering or visit Pat at the shop, he's always waiting to take care of you.



    • Monday: Closed
      Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm
      Saturday: 10am-5pm
      Sunday: 10am-2pm